Joy In the Journey

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I don’t believe for one minute that you and I wake up each morning and say, “Today my spirit is going to be crushed!” I also don’t believe that God has plans to crush our spirits today either.  There are just days when it just happens.  Our spirits are crushed over broken relationships, seeing a post on social media, angry words, not being chosen for that long desired position.  Whatever “it” is that has damaged us, we have a choice to stay and choose self-pity or we can choose joy no matter what.

I’m not saying you can’t be sad,upset, or just not feeling so hot, because you absolutely can.  You just can’t stay there. Don’t choose to dry up! We can, though, choose joy no matter what.  Whatever has crushed us today isn’t going to be what hurts our souls tomorrow, three weeks, or ten years from now.  This crazy world will always find a way to sneak into our most vulnerable parts, causing real, painful hurt.

Come back tomorrow to find out how we can choose Joy in the Journey that will heal our souls.

Father God, I pray today that we will be blessed by your word and  be filled with joy in whatever our journeys bring.  In Jesus name, Amen.