Joy In the Journey, Part 2.

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I am so glad you came back today to find out how we can choose Joy in our Journeys no matter what our circumstances.  Like I said yesterday, it really is okay when our hearts and souls are broken to feel the pain and not be “ourselves” for just “a minute”, but we have to choose Joy even while we are there.  This will not only help us move forward, but by choosing Joy when we are hurt makes us feel better.  We get out of our heads, stop feeling self pity, and focus our attention on the good that is in our lives.

1 Peter 3:9 tells us “do not pay evil with evil or insult with insult, but to repay evil with blessing.”  Yes, blessing, Joy! This is not an easy choice to make my friend when our soul is aching, I know all too well. When we can reach deep, find a little willingness to bless the “it” that crushed our spirit we are choosing Joy.

The second part of 1 Peter 3:9 goes on to say, “because you were called so that you may inherit a blessing”.  A blessing of Joy!  A blessing of Peace! A blessing of Serenity!  A blessing of Grace! A blessing of healing!  A Joyful heart is good medicine.

When we are able to bless, we are choosing joy today. We are living joy today!


What is hurting your soul today? Can you bless the “it” that caused your hurt?


Dear God, today I pray over our souls that we may find the willingness to do your will and bless those that have hurt us.  I ask God that you will see over us as we choose to live joyfully today.  In Christ name Amen.