Humility, Acceptance, Serentiy

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I love the Serenity Prayer and pray it often as it keeps me grounded and focused on three spiritual principles that I need in order to continue to grow into the person God has planned for me to be: willingness, humility, and acceptance.

If I don’t have willingness I can’t even begin to humble myself to find acceptance.  Acceptance is the thread throughout the entire prayer and is the thread that will get us through each day.  Before we can find acceptance, there needs to be some peace within. When we pray, “God grant me serenity”, we can have faith and know that God grants his people peace. (Psalm 29:11).  We have to have only a little willingness to get quiet with God and ask him, “What am I fighting today that is out of my control?”  More than likely we already know what it is, we just haven’t come to a place where we are willing to humble ourselves to Let God take it.

Then we pray for Courage to change what we can. I never like to be the bearer of bad news, but it isn’t going to be your husband, kids, boss, co-workers, the not-so-nice bank teller, or the weather.  It is just ourselves.  Our fearfully and wonderfully made selves that always have room to grow. (Psalm 139:14).  I mean really, do you want to be perfect? I sure don’t.  Today I am blessed that I get to be 51 and I can remain teachable and open to change. The reason why I continue to pray for courage to change me, for God’s Will.       Deuteronomy 31:6  tells us,  “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”  When we ask God for courage, he is with us and he will bring us the courage we need to make the necessary changes in our lives.

Finally we pray for Wisdom. Proverbs 11:12 “when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”  Did you catch that? We have come full circle. Back to humility.  When we are humble we will find the wisdom to know what is and isn’t in our control.

So I ask, what are you struggling with today this is out of your control?

Take it from someone who has a hard time getting quiet, get quiet with God.  All it takes is just a little willingness. Let Him in, let Him have what He has control over anyway.  Serenity is just waiting for you my friend.

And for a little extra, The Serenity Prayer has a second part, which I believe to be a way of living in the Light of God’s Will.

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  1. How overwhelmingly great is this today. So true. Such a wonderful prayer that I should say everyday. So proud of you.


  2. Thank you, this message is one I need everyday.i love your blog. Keep up the inspiring messages😊


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