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Recently I went to the Optometrist for a new pair of glasses.  He asked me to look at a picture that was going to be blurry at first and I was to tell him when the picture was Phoropterclear.  He proceed to adjust the lenses of the Phoropter, (I love that word!) until the cloudy mass of colors clearly came into focus and answered the question I had been asking myself,  “I wonder what this is going to be?”   Are you too wondering what was going to appear before my eyes?  It was a hot air balloon, clear as day.




There are things in our lives today that aren’t clear to us.  Everyday we are seeking answers to questions that are not as easily found by a quick “Hey, Google” or “Alexa”. Honestly, we have Google and Alexa because we are like one of my favorite characters in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), Veruca Salt, who so impatiently said, “I 66347c69832bdee15b1fcb99a4b6370c.1000x562x1want it now!”  We are a society who wants answers fast, like yesterday.  However, these are not those kinds of questions. They are deep, soul seeking questions  that can be causing folks real stress and real turmoil in their lives.


Psalm 119:18 is like that Phoropter in my optometrists office, it is telling us to open our eyes, adjust our lenses to sharpen our focus on God’s word and the Will  He has already revealed to us.  We have to stay persistent, we have to keep seeking in His word, that is where we will find clarity to all our problems and the answers to these deep questions.

When we come to God and ask he will give: when we seek we will find; and when we knock, the door will open (Matthew 7:7). God will continue to reveal more to us and answer our questions in His time. Until then, we stay strong and keep asking Him for clarity in all our situations.  We keep seeking him for the truth daily.  My friend, I promise you, when we do this, doors will be opened.  We might  have to adjust our lenses to see it, but when we do, it is going to be AWESOME!


What answers are you seeking today?  Ask God!  Seek God persistently!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your Word  and the truth and clarity we find in it when we don’t stop seeking the answers to our heart’s questions.  Help us Jesus to open our eyes to see you and all of your amazing glory.  We give you thanks in all of our circumstances and know that you are with us.  Amen.

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