Be Free!

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Happy Independence Day!  When we know God’s Word we are free!  Enjoy freedom today friends. Be joyful unto the Lord for all the freedoms we are blessed with today.


(That is actually me and my step-daughter parasailing.  I loved the picture they got from the boat with the American Flag, perfect for my post today.  Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe.)

Heavenly Father I thank you today for our freedoms we are blessed with in our United States of America, especially the freedom of worshiping You!  Father I pray for those who are under persecution in other countries  who do not share this same freedom.  Lord bless our troops and their families, policeman, firefighters, Homeland Security, and all who are protecting us daily.  I pray that you will put a hedge of protection around us that all of the terrorism and violence will come to an end.  I pray for peace in our country and our world, Lord.  In your son’s precious name Jesus I pray. Amen.