A Little Work

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The disciples had followed Jesus’ directions to go ahead, get away from the crowds that had gathered, by crossing the Sea of Galilee while he had escaped up into the mountains.  The seas started to get rough and it was dark out when the disciples saw Jesus walking towards them on the water.  They didn’t know it was him at first, Jesus called out to them, Hey, it’s me Jesus, don’t be afraid, I’ve got your backs! (My version how I hear the story of course).  Miracle number five of seven takes place and Jesus gets them all to shore safely.

I just love this story, one because I think it is super cool that Jesus walks on the water (thought that was awesome since I was a little girl) and two because Jesus was watching out for the disciples all along.  Just as his Father had been watching out for the Israelites centuries before.

Jesus asked the disciples to do many things by following him and obeying his direction that didn’t always, most never, took them on an easy route.  Look at what Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Joshua went through leading the people to the promised land, now tell me that was a Sunday drive down Route 66, people.  route 66

My point being, by being followers of Christ, God isn’t promising us that we won’t face challenges, hardships, disappointments, you name it.  We are, (thank you Eve, okay, Adam you played a part too, and that is an entirely different blog) we just need to put our big people pants on and accept it.  We also have to realize that when we are asking God for help in these situations, we are also saying, “God, I need your help, AND, I am willing and ready to do my part to follow your will in this situation”.  Yes my friend, we don’t just sit  and watch the mess go away.  It takes work on our part.   God has our backs;  let’s not be afraid to  follow the calling, because when we do, I promise you, whatever you are facing isn’t going to seem nearly as terrible as it was when you were just sitting in it alone.  Self-pity gets us no-where.

I heard a minister in the great state of Texas (yes, I love Texas) once say, God doesn’t promise us that it will be easy, but he does promise us Easter.  That brings me joy!  Knowing that I have do some work today to follow a loving, forgiving God who is always there for me is way better than the alternative, don’t you agree?