The Confidence of David

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Has there ever been anything in your life that has shaken you up? We are human, people, there are things in this world that happen that can get us a little or a lot riled up.  Did you Act or React?

Before I go on too long, I want to tell you a little about what I have learned about Psalm 16, which I find quite interesting. (If you are a bible scholar who has stumbled onto my blog reading this, it will be no new news to you, but I found it interesting none the less.) This particular Psalm is called “A miktam of David”.  My curious mind wanted to know what a “miktam” was so I used my trusty Google and found that miktam is sometimes referred to as “Golden Psalm” , as covered in gold, precious.  The root word having the meaning of being engraved. (Psalm Blogger).  Most bible scholars though think that it is probably a technical term for a song, which many of the Psalms were songs of David.

I love the thinking of Psalm 16 as being precious and engraved, possibly engraved on David’s heart.  My grandfather was a jeweler.  I remember as a little girl going to his jewelry store and going to the back watching him engrave beautiful pieces of jewelry for customers with intricate lettering.  I remember picking through all the engraving stencils noticing which fonts I would choose to have my jewelry engraved with one day. (Ok, this was the Seventy’s folks, didn’t you want an I.D. bracelet? Come on, admit you did!)

ID bracelet

I can’t help to think as I am reading this Psalm and writing this Blog that God wants us to have His words engraved on our hearts.  Not just a few of the Psalms labeled, “miktam” but all of them.

So back to fixing our eyes on God.  David had the confidence to keep his eyes on God when he was in trouble or something was happening that could really shake him up.  When we have that same confidence, keeping our eyes fixed on our Heavenly Father, we too will not be shaken because he will give us what we need to act instead of reacting to our circumstances.  We make mistakes, we say the wrong thing to someone we love, we lose jobs, friends, our children make choices we don’t agree with and violence and war continue all around us.  We can choose to react to these unfortunate incidents or we can, to quote Of King and Country, “but above it all Fix my eyes on You.”  God, Yahweh, Father, who loves us so dearly. That is Joy!