Pause When Agitated

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How many times have I said “Pause when agitated” to myself or a child?  Too many to count and so many the message should be a flashing neon sign posted to my forehead. The pitch in my voice lowers like some beast has possessed by body  as the words just come blurting out, “ARE   YOU   KIDDING    ME !!! (yes capital letters here do mean screaming, unfortunately)  They don’t stop there. The hits just keep  on coming.  My brain says stop, but my mouth has other ideas.


Karen Ehman, in her Book  “Keep It Shut “, says, “When you do speak, let your speech be laced with Grace.”  When we speak it needs to be kind, loving words as Jesus would speak to us.  We are called to ” Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34) I believe also that means to speak with love, not harsh words even when we are agitated.

We are human, we are not perfect, I know, today, I will be practicing “The Pause”.  We are children of God, therefore, we need to continue to grow in obedience, love and grace and we only grow by practice. Beating ourselves up for flying off the handle will do us no good, or anyone for that matter. Today we can choose to do the next right thing,  admitting  our mistakes, making  amends to those we have hurt with our harsh words,  asking God for his grace and forgiveness, and  being kind and gentle with ourselves.

Heavenly Father I pray you will  fill us today with your Holy Spirit of Love and Goodness.  Go with us where you are leading us with joyful hearts no matter what our circumstances are right now. Lord, I pray that we will bring Your love and joy and peace to those we speak to today. Father I ask that you  give us the patience we need to push the pause button when agitated. In your son’s name I pray, Amen.


If you would like to learn more about Karen Ehman’s book, “Keep It Shut”  here is a link to purchase it at Proverbs 31.  It’s on sale and who doesn’t love a sale!!!

Keep It Shut