At the Crossroads

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Saturday morning I headed out, top down on my little Beetle, Of King and Country playing (I love them!) to pick up some specific items for my little sister’s extra special birthday! (A lady never tells her age, but welcome to the club darling, precious Jules!)  I was on a mission, I knew exactly where I was going to shop for these delightful treats. Rounding the first left turn on the journey I spotted a young lady out for a morning bicycle ride.  She had stopped at the crossroads.  She appeared to be deciding which road to take, as she wiped the  glistening sweat from her forehead under her helmet. Continuing on my way, the thought popped into my head, “I wonder which route the cyclist would choose to take on this gorgeous day?  If she went left, the road was narrow, hilly, and filled with tight turns. Scary. The road right, on the other hand was wider, and led to an open area where she would have to stop again within a quarter of a mile, take a brief rest, only to make yet another choice.  She would have three directions to turn, all pretty much wide roads. All safe bets, or were they?”

In our lives, we will all arrive at crossroads and have to decide which path we are going to travel.  Will the decision be easy for us to make or difficult?  Do you think we will know which road is the right one to travel?  How will we know?

I believe the answer is in Matthew 7:14, the path less taken, the narrow gate to life.

Collage 2018-08-04 13_06_43Friend, when we make the choice to choose the less traveled, narrow path, we are choosing God’s way for us.  We are making His Will for us our will and that is the correct use of our will and choice.  God doesn’t promise us this path will be easy, no He does not. But he promises us life with Him eternally when we do!  What Joy there is in knowing we have life forever with Jesus!

If the cyclist Saturday chose the path to the left, remember I said, it was the narrow, curvy road? Well, let me just tell you, if that was the choice she made, she got to go on one heck of a bike ride! A shady tree canopy covers the road. A handful of  houses are  tucked away in the woods, it’s a road only a few know.  Sound familiar?

Teaching elementary school I often suggested to my students to, “Take the extra mile highway, there is less traffic”  The looks I would get!   Sometimes journeying through the narrow gate might take us longer and I guarantee it will be harder than we planned to get to the place God is leading us because He has a lesson for us to learn along the way. However, as scripture says, only a few find the narrow gate at their crossroads, I pray it is always you and me my friend.  Jesus is and will be waiting for us.  It is going to one heck of a ride!  One I am excited to experience!

Heavenly Father I pray today that you will guide us to the narrow gate when we arrive at the oh so many crossroads in our lives.  I ask Father that when we do go through the wide gate because we think it is the easier softer way, that you will give us the gentle reminder we need to make a “U-turn”, to get going on the straight and narrow. (or even the curvy and narrow is okay too).  In your Sons’ Holy Name I pray, Amen.

What crossroads are you at today?  What gate will you enter?

When you have been at crossroads in the past, did you choose the small gate and narrow path?  How did God provide for you?  Where did He lead you?  I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “At the Crossroads”

  1. Jane Ann….I had “birthday breakfast” with your mom last Friday and she shared this blog with me.You are a precious child of God! What a joy to read this….and I know your mom’s heart is bursting with thankfulness! “Whether you turn to the right or left, there will be a voice in your ear saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 Blessings for your day!


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful and kind words. Please feel free to share my blog with others. I am excited to share my love of Jesus, His word, and the Joy it brings!


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