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Eating out with my husband last week at a little pizza joint in a quaint neighborhood with golf cart lined streets (It’s like Mayberry, without Barney Fife!) the unthinkable happened.  Mustard, of all the condiments! Seriously, the mustard, why was it on my veggie sub?  Taking the first mouth-watering bite of  my Italian sandwich, oozing out the back-end, the yellow substance  drizzled down my front. I am sure the words are already sliding off your tongue, “She was wearing white.”  You guessed correctly.  Lovely.  No, not really, it was mess!

Paul and I do not let our kids use their phones at the dinner table, however this was an emergency. I grabbed my phone from my purse.  Google came to my rescue. “How to remove a mustard stain” I have to give credit here to “The Spruce” for their first instructions, “Use a dull knife or a spoon to gently scrape away as much mustard as possible. Be careful not to scrape so forcefully that you damage the fibers of the clothing.”

Our lives on a daily basis are messy with sin. The little white lies. Speeding down the highway. Gossip at the kids’ ballgames. Judgments made about the homeless couple on the corner. Making a commitment to volunteer and deciding not to show up.   Embezzling from a company. Failing to pay taxes.  Big or little, a sin is a sin, which causes mayhem in our lives.

Great news friend, the mustard came out! Just as Isaiah 43:25 tells us how God will “blot out our transgressions” when we ask Him to forgive us. Just like the directions to remove the mustard explained to gently scrape away the mustard, God eases his holy hand on us and gingerly wipes away the stain of sin.  Now let me fill you in on the best part; just like my mustard splotch is now erased, the stain of our sin is totally forgotten by our Heavenly Father.

When I have recognized I have done wrong I can be my own worst critic, how about you? I can honestly beat myself up for days, sometimes longer depending on the sin.  Why do I do that?  All I need to do is humble myself and remember the beautiful words of Isaiah 1:18  “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.” God wants us to talk out our problems and sins with him. Amazing Grace.

I love the lyrics in For King and Country’s song “Priceless”, These words paint such a magnificent picture for me of how God truly sees us after he forgives and forgets our sins.

“Sisters, we can start again
Give honor ’til the end Love, we can start again

Brothers, we can start again
Give honor ’til the end
Yeah, we can start again

I see you dressed in white
Every wrong made right
I see a rose in bloom
At the sight of you
Oh, so priceless
You’re irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable
Darling, it’s beautiful
I see it all in you
Oh, so priceless

Yes, sisters, brothers, we pick up and move forward, start again clean giving God all the praise and honor!

Thank you God for your overwhelming love, mercy, and grace!  Thank you for so calmly and gently removing the mess we bring on ourselves daily.  Heavenly Father, direct and guide us in our choices each day. Help us to share your love with others that we may forgive others as you forgive our transgressions and remember them no more.

I know I need to have a little chat with Jesus daily, how about you?  Tell him your mustard story, He is happy to listen, love you, and forgive you.



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