Motivation for Your Monday

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Whatever trial or tribulation you are facing on this Monday my friend, have faith that God is good, always.  He works in the lives of those who do His will and love Him. God does conquer sin in our world.  What is God’s Will for you today?  If you aren’t sure, just ask Him.  If you don’t know what to ask for, just say his name, Jesus.  He will hear you. He will put His purpose on your heart.

Let’s go Love and Serve the Lord today friend, for He is oh so good!

Heavenly father we face so many different fears today.  So many are facing loss of everything from natural disasters right now.  Many of us face financial struggles, and daily trials with children at home and worries about the paths our adult children are on, Lord. Someone has lost a child, spouse, or pet today and are grieving. But we know there is faith and hope in you, Father. In the name Jesus, there is love and beauty and rest.  Father today we come under your cover that you will see over our every trial and temptation.  We know your coverings promise good for those who love you.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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