Calling God, Calling God!

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“Just keep moving”, was the distressed voice I heard coming behind me as my family and I started our Sunday journey through Wal-Mart. I thought I was a little wigged out from the experience with two kids and a husband,who had just driven the two-hour drive to see our son who is a Sophomore in college, trying to maneuver through the carts and crowd, but this dear lady had four kids ranging from upper tweens to lower twins!

I shot up a little prayer right then and there for that precious mom of four.  I asked God to keep her kids moving and for her stress to be relieved.  I never saw her again, but I know in my heart, God answered that prayer, because when we call, he answers.

Not twenty minutes later, I got a text from one of our other adult children who is trying to “do life” on his own will and accord.  As I am sure you can guess, it isn’t working out too great for him, but he is learning lots of lessons, the hard way, and this momma is learning a lot of “tough love” lessons in the meantime.  Well, this text went something like, “I am going to get something cheaper”.  He was referring to his car.  The car he had to have, the one he knew he could afford two jobs ago, 4 months ago.

Can anyone relate?

My blood pressure, which when I go to the doctor they usually take twice because it is so low, was rising rapidly.  I shot up a couple of prayers this time, one for myself asking God to give me peace to enjoy today with my family and our middle son who we came all this way to visit, and not to react to the one acting out of fear.  The second prayer was for the “Texter”.  I asked God to open his heart, which is a daily prayer, and to guide his lost soul to say no to the fear driven decisions he was wanting to make, and to say yes to God’s Will for him.

I called, God answered.  Peace.

A fun day was had by all.  Our middle son is the manager for the girl’s soccer team at his college.  Come to find out they were playing my husband’s Alma mater.  Centre College wins 3-1 over DePauw, sorry honey.  Way to go Colonels.

You might be thinking, “So you just left the one son hanging with the car decision to make while you went and had fun?”  My answer would be no I didn’t leave him hanging,  I left him with God.

God will take care of him when I call.  God will take care of you and me when we call.  He hears all of our prayers and he answers.

Now, it may not be instantly like my peace on Sunday.  Sometimes, most of the time, we wait patiently for an answer.  During September I am going to be writing about finding Joy and being patient. For me September is a time in which I tend to get a little impatient for the weather to turn cooler, waiting on autumn leaves to turn, and my favorite… wearing sweaters and sweatshirts.

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I hope you will join me each week in September and share my blog with your friends as we learn how find patience while waiting for answers.  He will answer when we call in our times of distress.  In the meantime, we can find Joy in today knowing that he hears us when we call.





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  1. Sometimes it seems like forever before an answer comes and like you say we have to keep persevering and then one day and light shines through and we begin to see a change. So proud of you and so happy you’re building a strong relationship with your Saviour

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