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Motivation for Your Monday: Open the Door

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Welcome to 2019! And Blog post 100 on Living Joy Today!! It’s a  new year and a new week to come to Jesus.  Let’s open our hearts to him today.  He is just waiting for us to hear his voice and open our doors to Him.  We can hear his voice through scripture, prayer, and others, we just need to get still and listen.

Let’s plan daily time this year to get still, to be quiet with our Savior, Jesus. To borrow a phrase from Senior Pastor David Emory at Middletown  Christian Church, Louisville, KY, let’s spend some time “lingering” over His over.

Start today, open the door, there is so much goodness just waiting for us all!

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy!


3 thoughts on “Motivation for Your Monday: Open the Door”

  1. I start my day off by reading His word. Our church is doing a 21 day fast and prayers. I’m looking forward to see what, where and when the Lord will lead me through opened doors this year.


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