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“Exhale” Book Study Week 2: What Will You Do With Your Leftovers?

Welcome back for another amazing week of “Exhale” Book Study! Amy and Cheri have an amazing week of reading for us that at least for me have had me “pray-cessing” quite a bit!

Chapters 4-7 are chalk full of practical ways, backed by Biblical principals, and of course Amy and Cheri’s life experiences to help us see that change is possible.

This week we will be reading about two amazing women of the bible, one only known as, “The Woman at The Well” and Rebekah. Hold on tight friend, these two women are going to teach us a thing or two (maybe three or four!)

But first, we have Amy on the video this week telling a story about her grandmother who grew up during the Great Depression.

God uses our left overs, just like he did with the loaves and fishes when he fed the Five-thousand.

Comment today how do you think or how do you see God using your leftovers?

I’ll go first. Talk about some left over pieces, I have left a trail behind me, enough that even Hansel and Gretel could find me. (And I have moved a lot over the years!) Slowly but surely with the Grace and Forgiveness of my Savior, Jesus, I am picking up those leftover pieces to make positive changes in my life that affect everyone around me. God is using those pieces today to show me that I am more than the names I have given myself in the past as we discussed last week. He is my strength. He is my guide today. Today I know that I no longer have to drink alcohol to hide my fears. I can cling to the Truth of His Word, His power, His love. I can do His will. I can, I just have to be willing. You and me friend, we just have to be willing to “Exhale”!

Let’s do it! “Exhale”!

I’ll be checking back in with you on Wednesday. Until then I’ll leave with you “Breath Prayers” from Amy and Cheri. They are amazing prayer starters when you need to breathe.

Don’t forget to leave your comments to be entered into this weeks drawing. Also, if you feel comfortable to leave your prayer requests in the comments, I will pray for you. You can also pray for the person who commented above you.