I Am Yours

What a blessing it is to be alive today in Christ! A blessing to know that I am not my own, that I am His.

I often get caught up in my own little world doing my own projects and forget that exorbitant blessing. Going about my day, even in the midst of this pandemic of the Covid-19, my tiny universe is moving right along. The plans my husband and I have made for our future seem to be on track, even though the “market” is in a weird state of flux. Our children appear to be adjusting just fine to home schooling (a bit bored, but aren’t we all), and I have all the time in the world to clean and disinfect my house. Life is good.

But is it so good I need not remember every day whose I am? That I can do all things in my own strength, will, and way?

Uh, no. the answer to all those questions is a big fat no.

Everyday I need to wake up remembering whose I am. I am not my own, I belong to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I need to remember that not every day has been easy. There were and will be days of struggle, despair, and heartbreak again. Aren’t these the times we usually always remember to cry out to Jesus for His strength and support.

For me, those are the days I am most likely to remember whose I am. I cry out to Jesus. And I can tell you when I do, on those days when my heart is aching the most, I always find peace. It may not be instantly, but the peace and answers always come. God’s blessings show up one way or another.

So I ask myself, if only I would call out to Jesus and let Him know “I am not mine Jesus, I am Yours” on the good days, how much better could those days be?

I need Jesus everyday!

Today’s verse reminds me that He is the creator of All. He is in control 365 days of the year. He will lead us down straight paths when we let him know we are not our own, we are His.

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy!

Side Note: I am blessed to be living in an area of the country that has not been a “Hot Spot” for Covid-19. My prayers daily go out to those of you living in the areas where this virus has hit the hardest. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and could not be there with them during their last minutes. I want you to know your loved ones were not alone. Jesus was with them. You may not find comfort in this today as your heart is hurting, but just call out to Jesus, He will heal you and bring you peace.