About Me


Jane Ann (3)

I’m Jane Ann and I started my blog because I have always been a cheerleader, seriously, since I was a young girl .I wanted to write encouraging devotions to cheer on others. Being raised in small town, mid-west America, my parents raised my two sisters and I in a Christian home and instilled in us positive morals and values, and to love Jesus.

During my life journey there have been times my faith has wavered, my morals and values have not always stood up to other’s expectations, or mine, but in my heart I know that my God has walked with me through it all, encouraging me.

I am a mom of  a tremendous son and three amazing step children.  I know I have the most supportive husband in all of the world,  and blessed today beyond my understanding.  Through the years, 23 to be exact, I got to be the teacher to several hundred elementary children.  One of my favorite things is celebrating other’s accomplishments, and encouraging people to do and be their best  selves. 

I have been blessed to have lived in the great state of Texas for 20 years and for the past 10 I have gone through a season of chains breaking and a soul being forgiven and redeemed by my Father in Heaven after having to make a move to Louisville, KY.  I’m not saying “The Ville” isn’t as great as Texas, because it has grown on me and I am, back closer to my family.  It just wasn’t the move I had planned. “A person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9  This verse has helped me and continues to help me daily as I continue to grow as a woman of faith, wife, mom, and friend.    

Choose Joy with me Today!

Love and Light,

Jane Ann