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“Exhale” Book Study Week 2: What Will You Do With Your Leftovers?

Welcome back for another amazing week of "Exhale" Book Study! Amy and Cheri have an amazing week of reading for us that at least for me have had me "pray-cessing" quite a bit! Chapters 4-7 are chalk full of practical ways, backed by Biblical principals, and of course Amy and Cheri's life experiences to help… Continue reading “Exhale” Book Study Week 2: What Will You Do With Your Leftovers?

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“Pray-cessing” through Competent Mistakes

Hi Friend. We have "Exhaled" through week 1. Have you taken a minute to try a little "Square Breathing"? I love it. When I start to get a little anxious or feel that "Error Terror" start creeping in I just take a quick minute to breath. Let's give it a go! This week we're reading… Continue reading “Pray-cessing” through Competent Mistakes

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Zacchaeus Wasn’t So Wee and Neither Are We

Exhale Book Study Week 1 Hi Friend, this is my mid-week check in to see how things are going with, "Losing who you're not". This week we are reading that Zacchaeus lost who he was when he climbed up in that huge sycamore tree to see who Jesus was. When I first read the story… Continue reading Zacchaeus Wasn’t So Wee and Neither Are We

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New Look New You!

I am so excited about the new look of Living Joy Today and our first ever online book study, Exhale. During our study we will learn to:Lose Who We Aren'tLove Who We AreANDLove Our One Lives Well! Do you find yourself apologizing unnecessarily? How about giving authority over your life to people that just… Continue reading New Look New You!

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It’s Just About Time to “Exhale”

Hi Friend, August is here and that means only a few more weeks before we begin "Exhale" Book Study.  I have a new page on my blog just for this amazing study for you to easily access everything you will need as we journey to: Losing Who We Aren't Loving Who We Are And Living… Continue reading It’s Just About Time to “Exhale”