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The Versatile Blogger Awarad

Thanks to Joy A. Mead ( who was so sweet to nominate me several months ago for the Versatile blogger Award. Joy writes a beautiful blog about "Christian reflections on everyday happenings, motherhood, & transatlantic life". She shares adorable stories about her children and husband that are so relatable and you feel like Joy is… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Awarad

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“Pray-cessing” through Competent Mistakes

Hi Friend. We have "Exhaled" through week 1. Have you taken a minute to try a little "Square Breathing"? I love it. When I start to get a little anxious or feel that "Error Terror" start creeping in I just take a quick minute to breath. Let's give it a go! This week we're reading… Continue reading “Pray-cessing” through Competent Mistakes


I Love You but You Are Driving Me Crazy

  According to Weddingwire June is the third most popular month for weddings in the past two years.  I just attended the wedding of one of my nephews in a beautiful mid-west, quaint farm setting.  During one of the dances, the DJ asked couples to keep dancing if they had been married for a specific… Continue reading I Love You but You Are Driving Me Crazy

Friday Joy

Only Four Days To Exhale!

Hi Friends, Happy Friday and its time to say good-bye to May!  Do you know what that means, only 4 days until the launch of Amy Carroll's and Cheri Gregory's book, Exhale! Check out the website Exhale Book, while you're there, take the "Love Who You Are Personality Quiz".  I did and found out I'm a… Continue reading Only Four Days To Exhale!


Irritable…Discontent…Restless… Help Is Not Hidden

Friend, It is so easy in our ever so busy lives today to get irritable, discontent, and restless, so much that we can start to spin out of control. Maybe not just start to spin but whirl like crazy. God's Word is living and breathing! It fills my soul and brings me peace and calm… Continue reading Irritable…Discontent…Restless… Help Is Not Hidden

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I Found Peace In My Soul Praying For My Son’s

Time really does fly by when you are having fun, well and even when you are walking in the valleys.  It was just yesterday I was eating a Jumbo Jack from Jack In The Box and two tacos in labor, ready to deliver this amazing baby boy I had waited what seemed like forever to… Continue reading I Found Peace In My Soul Praying For My Son’s


“Exhale” Be Who God Planned You To Be!

Do you struggle with knowing the identity you want for yourself and the one God planned for you?  Are you tired of pleasing others and always trying to meet their expectations for you instead of following the path God has for you? Are you ready to "Lose who you're not, Love who you are, and… Continue reading “Exhale” Be Who God Planned You To Be!


Coming Soon To A Book Store Near You! (But You Will Want To Pre-Order Today)

  Hi Friends, It's been a few weeks since my last entry and I have been working on a blog entry about how praying for my son has brought peace to my soul.  Stay tuned. But today I have super exciting news!  I am on the Launch Team for Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory's new… Continue reading Coming Soon To A Book Store Near You! (But You Will Want To Pre-Order Today)