Three Ways To Keep Your Eyes Fixed On Jesus.

My husband loves to remind me when we are out shopping, "I see that look in your eyes". I have to admit, I do get this sparkle in my eyes over shoes, purses, and cute close. All the shiny trinkets in the boutique windows. Just on our recent vacation I was totally drawn to this… Continue reading Three Ways To Keep Your Eyes Fixed On Jesus.


Motivation for Your Monday

Just as Barnabas went out to encourage others to stay true to Christ, as we are out and about in our busy world today, choosing joy, let's stay faithful to our Heavenly Father's Will for us and encourage all we meet. Just a little fun fact: Barnabas means son of encouragement.  (From The Woman's Study… Continue reading Motivation for Your Monday


The New Has Come!

One of my favorite songs right now is "Resurrection Power" by Chris Tomlin.  Not only are the lyrics super amazing and uplifting, but the title alone  reminds me of what an amazing sacrifice Jesus made for you and me when he died on the cross at Calvary to free us from our sins when we… Continue reading The New Has Come!