Am I Being Selfish?

How many times do you tell yourself, "I'm not going to worry about anything today."? Then within a matter of possibly seconds your mind starts whirling, the "How will I's", the "What if's," and the ever popular, "How am I ever...". I must admit, as hard as I try and as many times as I… Continue reading Am I Being Selfish?

Verse of the Day

Waiting With Hope

Heavenly Father I come to you today asking that this virus that is infecting millions across the globe be completely eradicated from their bodies, Lord. I pray they will be healed fully and restored to health. Be with all of those treating the sick and keep them well. Your word tells us that you are… Continue reading Waiting With Hope


Five Bible Verses To Love Like Jesus

It's the last Wednesday in February friend and that means this is the last post on my series on love.  Today let's dive into what love is, it trusts, protects, hopes, perseveres,  and as 1 Corinthians 13 8 a reminds us, "Love never fails". I have been listening on Audible to Bob Goff's book, "Everybody… Continue reading Five Bible Verses To Love Like Jesus